Use guidelines and routines for your appraisal interviews

The high amount of time and planning involved in employee appraisals causes a lot of trouble every year, even in the run-up to the interviews. Thanks to simple applications, Evalea creates relief on several levels – for you and your employees.

On the side of the manager only a look into the system is necessary and all training, competences and goals of the respective employee are presented in a prepared form. During the interview, this content is directly digitally translated, appropriate further training is suggested and competencies to be developed are defined.

Prior to the appraisal interview, important foundations for a constructive discussion can be laid through self-assessment and external assessment. The manager can prepare accordingly and directly identify development potential.

HR determines the basic strategic orientation of the interviews and can add further people to the process operationally with just a few clicks. This creates a holistic, transparent and fair picture of each individual employee.

A workflow tailored to you and your processes creates clear structures and relieves you and your employees of the administrative coordination work involved in employee appraisals. This allows all parties involved to fully focus on the content. This makes appraisal interviews a useful and therefore popular development tool.

Thanks to the digital conversation support and direct derivation from individual training needs, the overall training needs are constantly checked for completeness and updated. You can thus be sure that each employee can also fulfill the agreed development plans and that your company remains competitive in the long term.