Goal Management

Dynamic goal management for agile support and promotion of your employees

With our goals module, you receive a systematic process that promotes transparent feedback on the achievement of your employees’ goals. All necessary stakeholders can be included in this process, so that a holistic and fair picture is created.

In doing so, we create the possibility of a constant success control, which can be used sensibly depending on the situation and does not make target management an unpopular topic in the annual appraisal interview.

Our module for target agreements lives from its intuitive usability and thus from the active use by management and employees. Because only a system that is continuously maintained and adapted to the requirements of everyday life provides the basis for joint and fair target agreements.

Whether your goals are SMART, OKR or method-free is entirely up to you. Our system supports the approach that suits you best and, depending on the objective, allows different groups of people to be individually involved in the agreement and measurement process.

The easy handling of the tool guarantees a high execution rate and thus increases the usable data set on a company-wide view. Goals can be measured according to their degree of achievement, depending on the team or even department.