Learning Transfer

Sustainably increase the learning transfer of your employees

With the Evalea Transfer System you can extend your training to a learning experience that goes far beyond the mere attendance time. Automatically send impulses before, during and after the attendance time and keep the content in your memory.

Combine different types of impulses according to your ideas and create with a few clicks a personal learning experience for your employees. Everyone learns best, when it takes place at their own pace and with their preferred media.

Presence training is often suitable to deliver complex contents. However, the transfer process cannot take place in the training room and therefore, unfortunately, it is often not possible to implement in everyday practice what has been learned . With our platform we help you to bring structure and sustainability into the preparation and follow-up of the training and thus to find transfer gaps. Accompany your employees virtually in the implementation and thus ensure learning success.

Further training is a process that is not completed after eight hours of training. Offer your employees a complete learning experience instead of frontal teaching and at the same time, significantly reduce your supervision efforts. With the right impulses, you can automatically and time-savingly follow up successfully, adapted to the employee and learning type.

Digital continuing education makes it possible to reuse already produced content. We adapt the digital learning experience to the requirements of your company. And of course also to the technological ones. In this way we integrate employees from all areas of the company into the platform.